Welcome to Scrape the World!

Scrape the world makes customized software that is dedicated to various websites. Not only do we make customized software, but we are also developing software with various functions. If you are already interested in some of these functions feel free to give us a message through our contact form.

Some examples of this software would be:

  • Instagram functions
    • Collect followers from a person and make them suitable for mentions.
    • Scrape all images from an account.
  • Image tools
      • Remove EXIF data
      • Add a watermark to images *
  • Alexa rank scraper
  • Emails extractor from websites *
  • Proxy scraper *
  • SEO Tools
    • Keyword suggestions
    • Keyword competition & search volume

If you have any suggestions or requests to add to this “All-in-one” program we would love to know! Every function that is implanted in our program because of you will reward in a free lifetime license just for you!

* We are still working on this function.

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Our core values
Client satisfaction
Our clients are most important to us. That's why we thrive to get every client as satisfied as possible! We offer free trials for our already build application and give demos for custom programs. This way we hope to give you the best service!

Competitive pricing
Our software is not billed per hour, but rather based on a fixed price. This way nobody is facing surprises at the end of the line.

Some developers just say yes when it comes to accepting jobs even if they can't provide a working application. We are honest and transparent so if we can't provide you the application you requested we will tell you this upon our first contact.

No cure, no pay
In addition to our client satisfaction and pricing values we also follow a no cure no pay basis. This means that in case we cannot deliver you the application you requested you do not have to pay us anything! For more information about this please take a look at our no cure, no pay policy which can be found at our contact page.